Первый день весны — это особенная дата для всех поклонников и любителей семейства кошачьих. В России 1 марта отмечают День
As part of events dedicated to the 35th anniversary of the withdrawal of Soviet troops from Afghanistan  a presentation of


Year of the Dragon

On February 10  at the  Bendery Historical and Local History Museum presentation and special cancellation of  new  set of stamps
January 25 in the Church of Saint Martyr  Tatiana (after the liturgy) a postage cancellation of the envelope took place.
On January 20, on the territory of the Tiraspol Main Post Office from 11.00 to 12.00 a presentation of a
Thematic plan for publication of stamps of Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic for 2024 №TopicStructureNumber of sheetsDateFace value1Airplanes  of Tiraspol airfield3 stamps          


Happy New Year!

Information about the celebration of the New Year in Russia appears from the end of the XV century – the



The history of chess goes back to at least one and a half thousand years ago. The first known game
Apiculture is the oldest branch of agriculture, which deals with the beekeeping  to produce honey  as well as beeswax and
The First World War lasted more than 4 years. 38 countries from Europe, Asia, Africa and the Middle East participated

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