Year of the Rabbit

On February 18, the postage stamp “Year of the Rabbit” was released  into the circulation. The presentation took place in the Bendery Historical and Local History Museum .

The symbol of the Tiger- a changeable predator is replaced by the Rabbit – a calm, sweet and friendly animal. Astrologers believe that the New Year 2023 will bring prosperity, favorable changes and peace to our world. The rabbit signifies  nepotism, so you can expect that this year things will get better in family relationships, and comfort and a good atmosphere will reign in the house. Of course, not everything depends only on the rabbit, it is important for people to carry good themselves in order to receive it in return.

The set is printed in both perforated and imperforated versions.

Edition  of perforated set is 4800 pcs. (600 small sheets )

Edition  of  imperforated set is 800 pcs. (100 small sheets )

Artist A.V. Lavrentieva.

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