The Year of the Fire Horse

The Slavs in ancient times, our ancestors, had their own horoscope, which was based on the totem of animals, on animal characteristics in relation to human traits. It was believed that each animal, bird or fish had its own period of influence and reign for years and months, and a person born in one or another period of the year and month corresponded to the characteristics of those animal species .  Thus a totemic calendar of animals was compiled according to which the human traits were determined ,  it was predicted what the coming year or month would be like and  foretold the future.

Slavs counted in the calendar 16 years instead of the usual 12 years, and the new year began on the day of the spring equinox on March 21.

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As part of a set of events prepared by the Pridnestrovian State Art Museum for the International Museum Day, a presentation and postage cancellation of a new postage stamp “Year of the Fire Horse” took place.

After the quiz, which was designed to tell the audience the history of the Slavic totem yearbook, each visitor personally could put a stamp of postage cancellation on an envelope prepared in advance

The stamp is printed in both perforated and imperforated versions.

Circulation of a perforated stamp – 4800 pcs. (600 small sheets)

Circulation of a imperforated stamp – 800 pcs. (100 small sheets)

Stamp number according to the catalog of postage stamps of the PMR  is 1244.

Artist A.V. Lavrentieva

Edition of the first day envelope – 120 pcs

Ночь в бендерских музеях: краеведческом и художественном | Первый Приднестровский (

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