The Year of Healthcare in Pridnestrovie

On January 14, the presentation and cancellation  of the new stamp dedicated to summing up the “Year of Healthcare in Pridnestrovie ”  took place in Tiraspol Main Post Office.

The event was attended by Cristina Albul, Minister of Health  and five heads of Republican Medical Preventive Institutions.

Perhaps one of the greatest successes of Pridnestrovian medicine last year, in my opinion, was the dropping COVID-related restrictions in the Republic.

The stamp bears the logo of the “Year of Healthcare in Pridnestrovie”.

The stamp is printed in both perforated and imperforated versions.

The edition  of  perforated  stamps is 4800 pcs (600 small sheets)

The edition  of  imperforated  stamps  is 800 pcs. (100 small sheets)

Логотип года здравоохранения на марках – YouTube

Кристина Албул приняла участие в гашении марки, посвящённой Году здравоохранения — Министерство здравоохранения ПМР (

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