150 years since the birth of K.K. Gedroits

Konstantin Kaetanovich Gedroits – Russian and  Soviet soil scientist and agricultural chemist, founder of  colloid chemistry of soils , academician of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR was born in Bendery in 1872.

This stamp continues the series “Our Countrymen”.

The presentation took place in Bendery Historical and Local History Museum and was dedicated to the day of the city of Bendery.

The stamp is printed in both perforated and imperforated versions.

The edition of the perforated stamp is 4200 pcs. (600 souvenir sheets)

The edition of the imperforated stamp is 700 pcs. (100 souvenir sheets)

Artist A.V. Lavrentieva

Выпущена марка, посвящённая уроженцу Бендер Константину Гедройцу | Новости Приднестровья (novostipmr.com)