25th issue of definitive stamps (grapes)

September 16 at the vineyard of N.D. Kamerzan (Kitskany village) a postage cancellation of the new set of  stamps  of the 25th  issue  of definitive stamps (grapes) took place. The series coincide with the events held in the Republic dedicated to the “Year of Agriculture and Rural Tourism”.

On this vineyard covering an area of ​​20 acres grows more than 100 varieties of grapes, mainly table grapes. Also excursions with  tasting of grapes are held at this vineyard.

On the day of the presentation, the first letters with these stamps were sent from the village of Kitskani to the addresses of Pridnestrovian philatelists.

Edition of stamps is 42,000 pcs. (1400 mini sheets each)

First day cover edition is 120 pcs

Виноград на марках и гроздья «Аватара» | Первый Приднестровский (pgtrk.com)

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