60 years of Dnestrovsс

The city of Dnestrovsс is located in the south of the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic  not far from the  Cuciurgan Reservoir , along with the border of Ukraine. By the southern side of the city the village of Nezavertaylovka is situated. To the south of it the Turunchuk River flows, otherwise the New Dniester. The city lies in relative proximity to Odessa and Tiraspol in 80 and 40 km respectively from them.

In 1961, near the village of Nezavertaylovka, the construction of the Moldavian hydroelectric power station began. Almost simultaneously  the foundation of the first residential building was laid, which marked the beginning of a new city.

Block edition- 700 pcs.

First day cover edition – 70 pcs.

The block was printed in the  “Belarussian Printing House”.