Way to victory

On June 27, as part of the events dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the birth of V.A. Bochkovsky  a presentation of a new postal series “The Way to Victory” took place in the Tiraspol United Museum. The cancellation was an addition to the opening of the exhibition at the museum. The opening of the exhibition and the presentation of the new set  were attended by the first President of the PMR I.N. Smirnov, the Minister of Culture of the PMR M.A. Karmyz, Head of the State Archives Service of the PMR Z.G. Todorashko, representatives of the Ministry of Defense of the PMR, Chairman of the Public Council of Tirasapol N. Gorobets and other invited guests. The set “The Way to Victory” includes two stamps dedicated to:

I.S. Soltys (1923-1945) - a native of the village of Kuzmin, now the Kamensky district of the PMR.  Hero of the Soviet Union, machine gunner of the 548 th   Rifle Regiment.

He died in battle on February 11, 1945  breaking through the enemy defenses  covering the embrasure of the bunker with his body  at the cost of his life .

V.A. Bochkovsky (1923-1999) – a native of Tiraspol, Hero of the Soviet Union, Lieutenant General of tank troops, the master of tank battle. During the war his personal account amounted to 36  armored units of the enemy  and he himself burned in the tank  five times.

The series is printed in both perforated and imperforated versions.

The edition of the perforated  set  is 4200 pcs. (600 sheets each)

The edition of the imperforated  set  is 700 pcs. (100 sheets each)

The serial number of  these stamps according to the catalog of postage stamps of the PMR is  No. 1251-1252

Выставка и марки памяти Бочковского | Первый Приднестровский (pgtrk.com)

В столице открылась выставка, посвящённая Бочковскому – YouTube

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