Special cancellation mark “45th Anniversary of the Museum of Railway Workers”

On the railway station  forecourt of the city of Bendery there is a unique museum on wheels – the Museum of Revolutionary, Military and Labor Glory of Railwaymen, which is the main part of the memorial complex.

In two  railway carriages there is an exposition telling about the development of the Bendery railway junction from the beginning of the construction of the railway on the territory of Moldova to the end of the 20th century.

The first carriage of the museum presents materials about the construction of the Tiraspol-Chisinau railway road and its launch in 1871 and  materials about the construction of the first bridge across the Dniester River.

A unique exhibit of the exposition of the first carriage  is the “Map of steamship communications, railway  and postal roads of the Russian Empire”  issued in 1914.

The second carriage of the museum contains materials about patriots, about more than 130 workers of the railway junction, who fought against the fascist invaders from the first days of the war at the front  and about those  who did everything  for victory in the home front.

Awards  and medals, certificates and letters from the front, photographs and uniforms of railway workers of the war and post-war years are also carefully stored here.

Each exhibit of the museum is a whole story.

The Museum of Military Glory of the city of Bendery is  in the third carriage.

For the 45th anniversary of the museum  State Unitary Enterprise “Publishing Company “ Stamp of Pridnestrovie” prepared an envelope and a  cancellation stamp. For cancellation, a stamp from the “Locomotives” set  of 2017 was used. Pupils from Bendery schools participated in the cancellation.

The edition of the envelope with special cancellation is 70 pcs.