30 years of the border guard department of the Ministry of State Security of the Pridnestrovie

On September 14, a set of postage stamps “30 years of the border guard  department of the Ministry of State Security of Pridnestrovie” was introduced into the postal circulation.

The stamps were issued in  two mini sheets “30 years of the border guard agencies  of the Pridnestrovie”. One of them contains 6 stamps depicting the registered border guard forces of the Pridnestrovie  named after  A.V.Parkalab, Yu. N. Tsymbalyuk,  Yu.V. Koloskov, S.M. Driglov, G.N. Popov, A.P. Manoilova.

On the second sheet  4 stamps depicting the daily service of border guards patrolling and protecting the borders of Pridnestrovie are combined together.

Edition – 600 numbered mini sheets each . 400  sheets of them are decorated in the form of special festive covers – as a  souvenir booklet.

Edition of FDC – 50 pcs

The stamps were printed on self-adhesive paper at the State Unitary Enterprise “Bendery Printing House “Polygraphist”